Pink binky clip - Pink pacifer clip
Pink binky clip - Pink pacifer clip
Pink binky clip - Pink pacifer clip

Pink binky clip - Pink pacifer clip

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As a mom I had a frustrating time chasing the binky all over the place. These adorable binky blips are easy to use and will look cute with any outfit. ( Pink binky blip Pink pacifer clip pink binky holder baby girl pacifier holder binky clip )

Put the ribbon through the hole or handle of the binky or pacifier, put the binky through the ribbon and pull tight. The clip opens up and put a piece of fabric in the clip and close up.

1-grey / yellow / pink plaid fabric with sheer pink ribbon
2-bright pink background with white texture fabric. black velvet ribbon
3-brown / white / pink plaid fabric with brown ribbon
4-Bright pink background with white polka dots, bright green ribbon
5-pink / white chevron with light pink ribbon
6- light pink background with white dots, light pink ribbon

I would be happy to do any ribbon with any fabric, please just let me know when checking out.

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