hello introduction my brand welcome

Hello World Wide Web

I want to introduce myself and introduce my little business.

My name is Bethany and I'm addicted to sewing, embroidery and crocheting. I've been married for over 17 years to the greatest man on earth. I have 4 children who are growing way too fast. 


My business started about 6 years ago when I wanted to make some money to fund my habit of fabric and yarn. It has grown since then to not only fund my habit to create an income as well. I'm proud of how it has grown. 


What is practical whimsy? As I look back at my own experience of having babies (its been a while, but hard to forget), I remember needing lots of things for them. It amazed me how much a little human needed!! As I used bibs over and over again that were plain and just like everyone else, it was good and it worked (think practical), but it was not very fun (think whimsical). So I wanted something that was both practical and whimsical. Although that one fun thing is great I wanted something that would be used everyday (or at least after wash day) and also be fun. Hence the idea of practical whimsy came about. So it started with bibs and burp cloths and expanded into many different product lines. 

I want to devote this blog to the practical whimsy of motherhood.....

because really if I can't laugh, I'd cry!! 



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